RN I: Marine and transitional aquatic processes
  • Physical and Chemical connectivity
  • Microbial Dynamics and Processes
  • Ecohydrology in transitional zones
  • Models and measurement of transfer phenomena
RN II: System management and integrative activities
  • Ecosystem approach to estuarine and coastal management
  • Forecasting and mitigation of catastrophic events
  • Building a science-policy interface for the governance of coastal social-ecological systems
RN III: Multiscale geological processes across the ocean margins
  • Coastal and marine morphodynamics
  • Impacts, records and models of sea level variations
  • Basin analysis (BA)
RN IV: Hazards assessment and technology for a changing environment
  • Stressors - old and new threats
  • Biomarkers and biological indices
  • Trigger algal blooms
  • Technology for energy harvesting