The CIMA facilities are spread over 1300 m2 of offices and laboratory spaces distributed by the two Campi of the University of Algarve, namely in the Buildings of the Instituto Superior de Engenharia, in the Campus da Penha and in Buildings 2, 7 and 8 of the Gambelas Campus. Most laboratories and offices, including the Technical Support Office, are located in Building 7, on the Gambelas Campus of the University of Algarve.

Laboratory of Chemical Oceanography

Building 7, Laboratory 1.76
Responsibles: Alexandra Cravo & José Jacob

Laboratory of Geology, Geochemistry and Mineralogy

Building 7, Laboratory 1.78
Responsibles: Paulo Fernandes, Delminda Moura & Cristina Veiga-Pires

Laboratory of Chemical Oceanography

Building 2, Laboratory 1.34
Responsibles: Alice Newton & John Icely

Laboratory of Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology

Building 8, Laboratory 2.40
Responsibles: Sara Raposo & Raúl Barros

Laboratory of Sedimentary Petrography

Building 7, Laboratory 2.58
Responsible: Cristina Veiga-Pires

Laboratory of Marine Microbiology

Building 7, Laboratory 2.8
Responsibles: Rita Domingues, Helena Galvão & Ana Barbosa 

Laboratory of Micropaleontology and Palynology

Building 7, Laboratory 1.87
Responsibles: Paulo Fernandes & Isabel Mendes

Laboratory of Microbial Molecular Ecology

Building 7, Laboratory 1.73
Responsibles: Filomena Fonseca & Margarida Reis

Laboratory of Sedimentology

Building 7, Laboratory 1.89
Responsibles: Óscar Ferreira & Erwan Garel

Laboratory of Proteomics

Building 7, Laboratory 1.84
Responsibles: Maria João Bebianno & Nélia Mestre

Laboratory of Ecotoxicology and Environmental Chemistry

Building 7, Laboratory 2.19
Responsibles: Maria João Bebianno & Nélia Mestre

Laboratory of Sanitary Engineering

ISE Building, Campus da Penha
Responsible: Manuela Moreira da Silva

Laboratory of Hydrodynamics Numerical Modelling (HIDROTEC)

ISE Building, Campus da Penha
Responsible: Flávio Martins