Science Communication

The LIFE Ilhas Barreira project

The LIFE Ilhas Barreira project introduces you to one of the seabirds breeding in the coasts of Ria Formosa: the Little Tern (Sternula albifrons). Check out this beautiful animation and learn more about these intrepid seabirds and how you can help us to protect them!  

↔️ keep the distance

? be careful to not step on eggs or baby birds

? keep your dog away from the exclusion area

?‍♀️ use the walkways

⚠️ respect the warnings

Science & art activity: ‘The sea rolls the sand’

This an informal education activity focusing on coastal dynamics designed for 10-year-old students. It combines coastal science concepts (wind, waves, currents, and sand), storytelling techniques (narrative arc), and creative dance techniques (movement, imaginative play, and sensory engagement). A sequence of six exercises is made, starting with the generation of offshore ocean waves and ending with sediment transport on the beach during storm/fair-weather conditions. Scientific concepts are translated into structured creative movements, within imaginary scenarios, and accompanied by sounds or music. The activity was carried out in collaboration with Ciência Viva de Tavira, on 6 occasions, with a total of 112 students.
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© 2017 Ana Matias

Children's movement to simulate the propagation of waves. 
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© 2017 Ana Matias

Jumping over the obstacle with the ball to reproduce wave breaking and the sediment transport

This activity was developed within the outreach tasks of the project EVREST – Evolution and Resilience of Barrier Systems (more info here) - PTDC/MAREST/1031/2014, funded by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia.

For more informations about this projet, please visit: Results from the development and evaluation of this activity can be found here: