Curiosidade & Diversidade Sénior  


The project Curiosity & Diversity - Senior combines science, culture and communication to promote social inclusion and literacy (including scientific, digital, artistic and health literacy), based on experiential learning and active participation. The development of this pilot project, which integrates a set of activities and experiences in different areas, will contribute to healthy and active ageing, as well as to the promotion of socialisation and confidence. Additionally, it will allow to initiate and evaluate the development of activities with effective impact, both in terms of acquiring the ability to adapt to new situations/contexts and in terms of participation in society by the elderly. The analyses, reflections and learning emerging from the implementation of this project may be subsequently replicated or integrated by other institutions (e.g., IPSS) or contexts (e.g., Mediterranean Diet Farm). The Curiosity & Diversity - Senior project will be divided into three phases: Phase 1) Establishment of collaboration; Phase 2) Development of sessions; and Phase 3) Evaluation and reflection.  

Project Main Goals:

The project “Curiosity and Diversity Senior” main goal is the development of a pilot programme of institutional collaboration for social inclusion by the promotion of scientific, cultural and digital literacy and empowerment, socialization and creation of new publics, by means of dozens of activities along one year. This project targets the senior community of the municipality of Tavira, organizes in two groups: the urban and the rural.


Ana Ramos (Centro de Ciência Viva de Tavira)

Tânia Pereira Rodrigues (Associação Em Contato, Projeto Lado a Lado)

Ana Delicado (Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa)

Câmara Municipal de Tavira