Sónia Cristina was awarded a Prize in Sciences

Doctor Sónia Cristina was awarded a Prize in Sciences on 02/10/2017 at a ceremony at the Algeciras Campus of the University of Cadiz. The PhD thesis of Sónia won the second prize for the best thesis of the year from the University of Cadiz.

Sónia defended her  Erasmus Mundus Ph.D. in Marine and Coastal Management (MACOMA) in 2016, with a thesis entitled "Optical Properties of the Ocean and Coastal Waters in the Southwest Coast of Portugal Using Satellite Ocean Color Remote Sensing Data". She wasfunded by the Science and Technology Foundation of Portugal.

Sónia, born in Montenegro, Faro, was one of the first students of the Bachelor of Oceanography in UAlg. She went on to study in the Erasmus Mundus Masters in Water and Coast Management (WACOMA). She has participated in 5 projects funded by the European Union, including DEVOTES (7PQ) and AQUASPACE (H2020), 2 projects funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) as Technical Assistance for the Validation of MERIS marine products in Portuguese oceanic and coastal site and MERIS 4th Reprocessing. She also won a prize under the DEVOTES project as a PhD student who published the most during the project. Sónia is the first author of 5 articles in international journals, and also co-author of 9 articles and already has 205 citations. Her research caught the attention of ESA who invited her to lead a session of a recent workshop in Cork, Ireland.


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