CIMA paper published in the Quaternary International journal

Recently a paper published in the Quaternary International journal by Kumar et al. (2018)

focused on the sedimentary composition of organic matter in a 31.5m long sediment core from the Potengi-Jundiai Estuary (Brazil), encompassing the last 10 kyr.  Sediment texture, carbon dating(14C), stable isotope(δ13C), n-alkanes and lignin (methoxy phenols) were analysed to study environmental changes in the Holocene sedimentary infill of a tropical estuary. Overall this study presents new information regarding the source of OM deposition and preservation within the context of Holocene relative sea-level fluctuations in the Potengi Estuary, NE Brazil.
Mukesh Kumar is pursuing joint Erasmus Mundus PhD (MACOMA - Erasmus Mundus PhD in Maine and Coastal Management) at CIMA.



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