Moura, D., Oliveira, S., Boski, T. (2020). The Algarve Southern Rocky Coast. In: Vieira, G., Zêzere, J.L., Mora, C. (Eds): Landforms and Landscapes of Portugal, Springer, ISBN 978-3-319-03640-3, 117-124. book/9783319036403

Moura, D., Oliveira, S., Boski, T.

Landscapes and Landforms of Portugal

Landforms and Landscapes of Portugal brings together contributions from 47 authors, presenting a thorough overview of the main highlights of the landscape of Portugal’s mainland. The book, which is a tribute to Professor António de Brum Ferreira, first President of the Portuguese Association of Geomorphologists and former Professor at the University of Lisbon, is organized in five parts: a) Geomorphological setting, dynamics and hazards, b) Coasts, c) Mountains and valleys, d) Urban areas and e) The Portuguese UNESCO Geoparks. This is the first book ever to concentrate on the geomorphology of Portugal and is a benchmark for Portuguese geomorphology. book/9783319036403

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