Delminda Maria de Jesus Moura

Delminda Maria de Jesus Moura

Associate Professor
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Delminda Moura is an Associate Professor with a PhD on Geology, specialized in Coastal Morphology, Sedimentology and coastal landscapes evolution during the Quaternary Period. She has devoted particular interest to border issues with other sciences such as Biology (bioerosion) and Archaeology. She has been teaching courses related to her specialization, at university degrees, masters and doctorates, and has supervised several masters’ and PhD theses. She was the Principal Investigator for several research projects and a team member for several others. She has played a relevant role in the dissemination of science through conferences to diverse audience, publications and projects with students from secondary schools. In terms of interaction with society, she has been member of several committees, provided technical consultancy and has played an active role in the dissemination of geological heritage. At the administrative level, Delminda Moura was a member of several governing and collegiate bodies of the University of the Algarve.

Quaternary; Geomorphology; Sedimentology; Coastal Morphodynamic; Rock Coasts

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