Isabel Maria de Paiva Pinto Mendes

Isabel Maria de Paiva Pinto Mendes

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Isabel Mendes is Assistant Researcher and leader of the research objective 1 - Understanding the dynamics of oceans, at CIMA. She has a Degree in Marine Biology and a PhD in Marine Sciences (field: Oceanography). During the last years, she has been devoted to understanding the present and past environmental conditions occurred in continental shelf areas from the southern Iberian Peninsula, at different temporal scales, related with climatic changes, sea-level variations, and anthropogenic impact in the global context of the North Atlantic.
Benchmarking results of her work were published in high-impact journals in more than 20 papers, in the field of Geosciences and Micropaleontology and disseminated over 50 communications on conferences. She participated in several national and international projects, fieldwork campaigns and oceanographic research cruises. She collaborated with more than 100 researchers in co-authoring scientific publications.

Paleoenvironmetal Evolution; Climate Change; Anthropogenic Impact; Benthic Foraminifera; Biomonitoring

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